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2020 Global Speaker Summit Replay

GET INSTANT ACCESS, To The World’s Most Impactful Speakers Who Are Ready To Show You How To Position Your Speaking Business In A Global Pandemic…So You Can Magnetize Your Audience…Sell More Products… And Even Book Highly Paid Speaking Gigs

If you missed or simply need to relive this life and bank account changing experience this is your opportunity to get it on the action. We’ll Hand You The Best-Kept Industry Secrets In Our 3 Day Virtual Interactive Summit.

All from the comfort of your home… Without having to worry about viruses… flights… hotel costs… jet lag… travel bans… or “getting stuck in quarantine!”

So if you ever dreamed of becoming a highly paid speaker, but just didn’t know where to start…or if you have been speaking for a while and want to go to the next level, then listen up!

Right now, more than ever, you need the right strategies…

The right connections…audience…and the industry secrets to build and scale your speaking business…

But for many of us, these uncertain times have FORCED a lack of movement, travel, networking, and growth in our businesses…

Here’s the harsh reality:
● Speakers everywhere are being blind-sighted as their speaking gigs & opportunities vanish…
● They’re discouraged as they navigate their business in a time where it seems damn near impossible to thrive in the speaking industry…
● Speakers who rely solely on getting leads & sales from their audience are taking a huge financial blow…
● They’re second-guessing their dreams of holding high-ticket events and becoming a 6-figure speaker…
● Some even feel “stuck” as they just can’t level up…
● And there’s no sight in near on when speakers can officially step foot on stage, leading them to wonder what the next steps are…

If you’re reading this, then you may have experienced this for yourself.

And it’s so obvious that…

The Speaking Industry Has Been Turned Upside Down For The Worst!

It’s bad enough that you’ve had trouble landing speaking gigs that align with your core value.

Or even if you land a gig, they offer prices that undervalue your worth…or even worse, they want you to do it for free…in the name of “exposure.”

Now is the time for you to pivot your speaking business in a way that provides job security, upward mobility, and quite frankly, a very healthy revenue stream (all in the midst of a global crisis.)

This can easily be overwhelming and to truly figure this all out…

You have to expend your time, energy and resources – fumbling your way through frustration, and most likely making embarrassing, costly mistakes.

Obviously, that’s going to be challenging.

But it’s been a challenging year…

Well…for most people who don’t know this.

Because while it’s true that many speaking businesses are struggling just to stay alive…

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Make Money Speaking, Without Having To Step On Stage



Now more than ever, people are using online means to reap profitable results.

And now you can discover the insider secrets that’ll give you the SKILL to sell on any platform, (stages, webinars, FaceBook, or Instagram LIVES) and make more in an hour then most people make in a year.

So how would you like world-class successful speakers to take you by the hand and give you a step-by-step proven system anyone can use to create a profitable, impactful speaking business.

Even if you’re just starting out and nobody knows you…

Even if you’re struggling to publish your book and sell your products…

And even if you’ve little to no marketing budget…or marketing expertise.

So with that being said, you have two options:

You can go it alone and be fueled by confusion and discouragement that comes from trying to figure it all out on your own.

Or you can…

Join The Small Group Of Profitable, Engaging, Professional Speakers Who Are Absolutely CRUSHING IT

Once you qualify for the event, you’ll gain exclusive access to a small group of speakers who will teach you…

How to build your speaking business on integrity and command high speaking fees doing so.

As a matter of fact, these speakers have gone on to:

● Be featured on Essence, Forbes, Ebony, Speakers Magazine, OWN, and so on.
● Charge $10,000 per keynote speech.
Publish more best-selling books than most will ever do in their lifetime.
● Clear over $60,000…$150,00…$400,000…and even 1.3 Million at a single speaking event.
● Create courses that bring in purely passive, extra income.
● Use social media to boost their business and bring in more customers and speaking opportunities.
● Built a business from the ground up that’s now making over $400 million and counting
● And so much more!

So let me ask you a question.

What would your business look like 3 months, 6 months or even a year from now…

If you had a helping hand from the world’s most engaging, profitable, polished speakers?

Just imagine being able to speak with total ease, confidence, authority, and effectiveness.

And having the ability to nail your speech every single time, leading to your audience being mesmerized by the words that come out of your mouth.

Just imagine looking at your screen with a fully-booked calendar…

With gigs that pay you for your worth and cover all unexpected expenses.

Now, just sit there for a minute and let this vision seep in.

How does it feel to see yourself as a paid expert, with a room full of your ideal clients wanting to learn & buy from you?

I want you to hold the feeling that comes with financial security all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others…
Feels amazing right?

Well luckily, in less than a week, you can start making all of your ambitious, speaking dreams come true.

And let me make this abundantly clear:

You will NOT learn a whole bunch of theories that’ll do absolutely nothing for your speaking career growth.

These are the Industry top strategies that you can implement right away to start seeing instant results.
Best of all…

You can learn the industry’s top secrets without leaving your home…without booking a flight…worrying about hotel costs…or jeopardizing your health.

And all you have to do is secure your ticket to the first-ever…

BSN Global Speakers Summit.

This is a 3-day immersive event that you can stream from the comfort of your home from October 9th…10th…and 11th.

Without putting your health at risk.

Or worrying about pesty hotel rates and flight costs.

That’s not all…

We’ll be streaming presentations from some of the TOP RATED speakers from around the world.

Some of which have passed the 6-figure mark and have helped other speakers do the same.

We hand-selected these speakers and brought you the very best that we absolutely know will bring you immediate, exponential growth in your speaking business.

In fact…

Our Speakers Have Made Well Over 400 Million

Quinn Conyers

Summit Emcee & Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
Turn Conversations into Cash

Brian Olds

Founder & President, Black Speakers Network

Featured Presentation:
Finding Your Vibe & Attracting Your Tribe – Visibility, Credibility and Consistency

Dr. Cheryl Wood

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
The Secrets to Launching Your Profitable Speaker Business!

Dr. Will Moreland

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
Do The Work: Is Speaking a Business or a Hobby?

Andy Henriquez

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
The 6-Figure Storytelling Formula – Five Stories Every Profitable Speaker Needs

Dr. George C Fraser

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
The 7 Critical Life Choices I Made to Build An Award Winning Life & Business

Delatorro McNeal, II

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
Crush Your Sales: Persuasive Presentation Skills for Speakers

Darnyelle Jervey

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
MORE: The Mindset To Make Millions

DeKesha Williams

Faculty Presenter

Featured Presentation:
How To Grow & Scale Your Business Using Webinars

Here’s A Sneak-Peek At What You’ll Be Learning This 3 Day Global Speakers Summit.


You’ll Spend Most Of Day 1 On:

“How To Establish Credibility In
Your Niche & Have Clients Calling YOU To Book Gigs”

During This Day, You’ll Discover:

● How to Increase Your Visibility, Credibility and Consistency in your speaking business.
● How to achieve unshakeable inner confidence to nail your speech every single time – and this works whether you’re giving your 1st speech or the 50th.
● The 6-Figure Storytelling Formula that every profitable speaker needs.
● The most cost-effective way to instantly launch an impactful speaking business.
● How to boost your business with a bestselling book.
● How to instantly increase your visibility & credibility in a way that attracts more speaking opportunities.
● The 7 critical life choices you can make right now to start building an award-winning business & life.


How To Pivot Your Speaking Business For Maximum Success

During Day 2, you’ll be focused on uncovering…

The Biggest Lucrative Speaking Opportunities Staring You In The Face

In fact, you’ll discover:

● Turn a hobby into profit: the fun, easy way to change the lives of others while putting money in your pocket.
● The hidden mindset that all success speakers have, and why not knowing this is stopping you from crossing the 6-figure mark.
● How to turn conversations (whether in person or online) into cold-hard cash.
● The proven method to use webinars to scale & grow your business (and it’s a repeatable process anyone can use, time & time again.)


For the First Time Ever We Are Introducing SPEAKERMANIA #1

14 Speakers delivering 14 dynamic topics PLUS up your speaking game by hearing real feedback from our expert panel of coaches.

Speakers & Topics Include

● Dawn Offei – Organizations! I will save you money! How by Eliminating attrition and Elevating Relationships
● Jasmine Romaine – Creating your STANDOUT Brand with confidence
● Michael Wynn – Keep it, it’s yours: Prevention Means Profit
● Clifton PettyJohn – PURPOSE| what NOW? The dual acronym
● Dr. G Alfred Palmer – Purposeology: The Science of Rediscovery of Individual Purpose
● Kendra Thorpe – Now is your Appointed Time to Build your Family’s Brand
● Keisha Allen-Smith – More Energy, Less Stress
● Dr. Yvette McQueen – The Wellness Rx to Success
● Dr. Jonas Gadson – “Say Yes to Your Success”
● Monique Toussaint – The Leadership Growth Formula
● Mrs. Regina Hall – The Power of Thoughts: Why Thoughts Matter
● Veronica Blakely – Present It and Quit it! TM – How to Give a Dynamic Presentation to Any Audience
● Janice Conway – Blacks Can’t do Physics
● Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman – Effective Communication and Relationships



The Global Speakers Summit is the #1 Resource To Learn….

Publishing Best-Selling Books
Creating Multiple Sources of Passive Income
Attracting and Growing Your Audience
Landing Lucrative Speaking Gigs
Finding Potential Business Partners & Collaborators
Making Lifelong Friendships!
And More!

Just Because This Is A Virtual Event…DOESN’T Mean It’s Open To The Public!


One of the great things about the BSN Global Speakers Summit…

Is that you’re able to join from the comfort of home…

No matter where in the world you live.

But that doesn’t mean we let “anyone” in.

Because even though this event is taking place in a “virtual room…”

It’s Still VERY Important For Us To Protect The QUALITY Of That Room…

Because we’ll be sharing some extremely valuable industry secrets.

Plus… there’s gonna be a TON of personal interactions…

And we don’t want to ruin the amazing atmosphere we’ve created… by bringing in any jerks or energy vampires.

We want to maintain a WINNING environment…

Where high-quality people all help each other take our businesses to the next level.

That’s what Black Speakers Network is about…

And whether we’re meeting in a physical room… or a virtual room…

Our standards stay the same.

So I don’t want you to just “buy a ticket,” I want you to know…

If You Want To Come To The BSN Global Speakers Summit, You Need To QUALIFY!

Now you might be wondering how to qualify.

First of all, it’s nothing invasive.

Here’s how the process works

Check out the list below and see if this is actually for you.

If it’s not for you, then don’t bother coming.

Here’s why – because we want to keep the quality of the attendees high, we only want those who are serious about building lasting success in their speaking career.

After all, according to NBC, CBS AND FOX…this might be the #1 speaker development event of the year.

With that being said…

● It’s for those who feel like their business is a calling…and they want to make a lasting, impactful change in the world.
● It’s for those who are working too hard making money in their business and seeing little to no results.
● OR you’re frustrated with how hard it seems to be to “get over the hump” financially in the speaking business.
● It’s for those who know they NEED to grow their speaking business, impact their audience’s lives, and provide for their loved ones.
● It’s for those who have a burning fire in their belly to hone their crafting and become a world-renowned speaker.
● It’s for those who’re sick & tired of cold-calling and worrying about where their next speaking gig is going to come from
● Or even WORSE…being expected to speak for free, in the name of “exposure.”
● It’s even for those who’re making decent money off speaking (but deep down) they know they can deliver their message in a more effective way and take their speaking business to the next level!

So if that sounds like you, then this summit was created for YOU!

Now because you qualify, you’re now probably wondering…

“How Much Is Your Ticket To The BSN Global Speakers Summit Virtual Experience Going To Cost?”

That’s a good question.

After all… this is an ELITE level training…

Designed for those who want to BE the best…And get the best possible results.

And with our line-up of world-class speakers, you’re guaranteed to get a massive return.

If you already didn’t know, most of our speakers have built remarkable speaking empires.

For instance – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon cleared over 1 Million dollars at a single event!

And has coached several of her clients to close $50,000 deals…add $360,00 to their business in just 4 months…and even helped her client to pass the 1M mark.

Dr. Cheryl Wood and now enjoys life as an impactful, profitable speaker who charges $10,000 per keynote speech.

Obviously, what you’ll learn from these speakers will take your speaking business to the next level.

Just think about how discovering golden nuggets from these speakers can easily add an extra $1,000…$5,000…$10,000 and even $100,000 to your business.

If it could, would you gladly pay $5,000?

Of course you would!

Fortunately, we’re not asking for an investment of $5,000…it’s not even $1,000

If you qualify to join us for this exclusive event…taking place on October 9, 10, and 11th.

Then all you have to do is this…



That’s the LOWEST we’ve ever asked for ANY of our members.

And remember… since you’ll be joining us from the comfort of home…

There are no flight or hotel costs, either.

So that’s the FINAL price.

And if you need to be convinced on how much of an absolute STEAL that is…

Then you probably aren’t a good fit.

After all, many people sell basic COURSES for more than that.

And this isn’t some course…

It’s an immersive, fully-interactive experience…

Where you’ll learn from… and form connections with… some of the absolute BEST speakers and business minds in the world.

Successful speakers and business owners who are absolutely crushing it…

At a time where the MAJORITY of the world is trying to “figure things out.”

You’re going to walk away from this event with life-changing secrets.

Secrets that’ll give you complete control over your speaking business… and your life.

And to give all that… for just $97?

That’s a deal of a lifetime.


And after the word got out about the event…and it hit everywhere including Fox, CBS, NBC…

People started rushing for their tickets and quickly filling up virtual seats.

And because the event is less than 1 week away, most of the spots have already been filled.

This opportunity won’t last.

So if you want to become a highly sought out and paid speaker, then click the button below and secure your spot now.



Never before and never again will the best speaking business strategies and inside secrets be offered at such a small, considerable price.

You see, you’re getting PROVEN strategies that have worked for speakers who’ve made over millions of dollars.

PLUS if you factor in all of the legit A-List Speakers we’re bringing in…

And the cost of flights and hotels you’ll be saving…

This is an absolute steal!

And if you ask those who have worked with Black Speaker’s Network before…

They’ll tell you it was one of the BEST investments they’ve ever made…

Because it completely changed their business.

That said…

If you have a hunch honing your professional public speaking chops would be a very smart investment of your time, energy, and resources, you are 100% correct.

But you must act now.

As soon as we reach our maximum capacity, we’ll take this page down and the door to this program will be closed forever.


Because the event is less than a week away…and the buzz about the event has led people to buy more than I expected…

We only have a few more slots left.

So you must hurry.

Click the button below and secure your spot right away.





Three action-packed days of industry secrets and expert training for aspiring speakers




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